Archdruid of Britain


SIZ 12
DEX 17
STR 28*
CON 19*
APP 12

Move 7
Armor 2
Unconscious 12
Major Wound 19
Knockdown 12
Hit Points 47*
Healing Rate 5
Damage 7d6
Glory 14,452.

Combat Skills: Dagger 5, Spear 6; Battle 15, Horsemanship 1; Magical Disarm 26†.

Traits: Chaste 24, Energetic 19, Forgiving 10, Generous 18, Honest 19, Just 10, Merciful 8, Modest 12, Pious 19, Prudent 14, Temperate 15, Trusting 10, Valorous 15.

Passions: Honor 10, Hospitality 15, Love (Britain) 24, Love (family) 10, Loyalty ( Uther) 10.

Skills: Awareness 21, Boating 5, Chirurgery 20, Compose 10, Courtesy 21, Dancing 2, Faerie Lore 21, Falconry 3, First Aid 24, Flirting 3, Folk Lore 21, Gaming 3, Heraldry 10, Hunting 21, Industry 10, Intrigue 3, Orate 3, Play [harp] 19, Recognize 13, Religion [Roman or British Christianity] 6, Religion [Paganism] 22, Romance 2, Singing 10, Stewardship 2, Swimming 2, Tourney 2.

Distinctive Features: Long grey hair and beard.

Horse: No need, for magic is much faster…

Equipment: Magician’s robes, magician’s staff.

Special: Merlin is the only person alive who can use every magical Talent.

  • These scores are beyond human standards due to bonuses accrued from Merlin’s magic: STR and Hit Points +16 each, and CON +8.

† Merlin must have his staff in hand to use this ability, and he must be within 20 yards of the target (even in melee). Otherwise, it is treated as a standard opposed combat roll. If Merlin wins, the opponent’s weapon is torn from his grasp and sent hurtling to any location within range, at Merlin’s whim.


The great magician and Archdruid of Britain, Merlin is reputedly the son of a nun and a daemon. He was baptized at birth, before the daemon could seize his soul, yet retained the supernatural powers he obtained from his father. He is the most skilled and revered of all magicians and, though respectful of Christians and Christianity, practices pagan magic without shame.

Merlin the Magician is a middle-aged man with great magical powers who serves as an advisor to King Uther. He is steeped in the druidic lore of Britain, wise and mysterious, and rightly feared and respected by everyone with good sense. Merlin’s lord is Britain, not the king, though he helps Uther in many ways. Merlin is capable of performing any magic known in Britain, whether British Christian or Druidic, Roman Christian, or Gnostic; he even knows something of Egyptian magic.


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