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  • Britain

    h4. *Geography* Britain is the island where the game takes place. It is divided into five areas: [[Logres]], [[Pictland]], [[Cambria]], [[Cumbria]] and [[Cornwall and Brittany | Cornwall]]. There are also several [[Saxony | Saxon]] kingdoms along the …

  • Supreme Collegium

    The Supreme Collegium, also known as the High Council of Britain, is a high council of Briton nobles that elected Emperor Constantin as King of [[Britain | Britain]] in 415 AD after failing to rally their own armies.

  • King Constantin

    King Constantin was a King of [[Britain]] who ruled from 415 AD - 440 AD. h4. *Reign* Emperor Constantin was a wealthy British noble. In 415 AD, he was chosen to rule as King of Britain by the [[Supreme Collegium]]. He had a benevolent and strong …

  • King Constans

    King Constans was a King of [[Britain]] who ruled from 440 AD - 443 AD. h4. *Reign* King Constans was the eldest son and successor of [[King Constantin]]. He inherited the throne after his father's death in 440 AD. Constans was a young, bookish type …

  • King Vortigern

    King Vortigern was a King of [[Britain]] who ruled from 443 AD - 468 AD. h4. *Reign* Duke Vortigern of Gewessi usurped the throne from his nephew [[King Constans]] in 443 AD after he exiled his nephews and heirs to the throne to [[Cornwall and …

  • Aurelius Ambrosius

    King Aurelius Pendragon was a King of [[Britain]] who ruled from 468 AD – 480 AD. h4. *Reign* Aurelius Ambrosius was the heir to the throne after his brother [[King Constans | Constans]], before his uncle [[King Vortigern | Vortigern]] exiled him to …

  • Queen Rowena

    Queen Rowena was a Queen of [[Britain]] from 451 AD - 468 AD and a Princess of [[Saxony]] for an unknown time. h4. *Reign* Rowena married [[King Vortigern]] of Britain and became queen. Her current whereabouts are unknown. She is presumed deceased. …

  • Prince Cerdic

    Prince Cerdic was the son of [[Britain | British]] king [[King Vortigern | Vortigern]] and his queen, [[Saxony | Saxon]] princess [[Queen Rowena | Rowena]]. He was born in 450 AD. He is presumed deceased. h4. *Family* On his father Vortigern's side, …

  • King Uther

    King Uther Pendragon is the current king of [[Logres]], from 480 AD to present. He wishes to become the king of all [[Britain]]. h4. *Reign* Uther was the second heir to the throne after his brothers [[King Constans |Constans]] and [[Aurelius …

  • Pictland

    Pictland (what is today known as Scotland) is home of Picts. The Pictish people are Celtic warriors who are known for wild tattoos, carving runes and are believed to have strong ties with magic. They are constantly allying with the [[Ireland | Irish]] and …

  • Cornwall and Brittany

    Cornwall and Brittany are considered the "west" of [[Britain]]. Cornwall is currently ruled by two rulers who will not submit to [[King Uther]], [[Duke Gorlois]] of Cornwall and [[King Idres]] of Totnes. King Idres and [[King Conan]] rule over Brittany, …

  • Cambria

    Cambria is one of the regions of [[Britain]], and is the feudal equivalent of modern Wales. It is ruled by [[King Lak]] and [[King Pellinore]]. It is the birthplace of archdruid [[Merlin]] and Archbishop [[Dubricus]].

  • King Lak

    King Lak rules over the south of [[Cambria]], including Estragales, Escavalon, Gloucester and Cardigan. He rules over the part of Cambria that houses Archbishop [[Dubricus]], the authority of the [[Roman Church]] in [[Britain]].

  • King Pellinore

    King Pellinore is a [[Britain | British]] king who rules over the north of [[Cambria]], including Gomeret, Anglesey and the Holy Isle. He rules over the part of Cambria that was the hometown of famous archdruid [[Merlin]].

  • Cumbria

    Cumbria is one of the regions of [[Britain]], the equivalent of northern England. It is currently ruled by [[King Lot]] and [[King Barant]].

  • King Lot

    King Lot, King of Lothian, rules over much of [[Cumbria]]. Lot is the greatest king of the north and a rival to [[King Uther]]. He rules over a powerful confederation of kings who resist the rule of Uther, and it is well known that Lot himself covets the …

  • King Barant

    Sir Barant de Apres is a king of [[Cumbria]]. Barant has as many titles as [[King Uther]] does: the Centurion King, King of the Brigantes, heir of King Coel the Old, and especially King of One Hundred Knights. He rules from the city of Eburacum (York). …

  • Logres

    Logres is a region of [[Britain]], and where most of this RPG will take place. Logres is the lowland region of Britain previously ruled by the Romans, who established many great cities. Your character’s county, [[Salisbury]], is located here. Logres is …

  • Madoc

    Sir Madoc is the illegitimate son of [[King Uther | King Uther Pendragon]]. As of [[485 AD]], he was recently [[Knighthood | knighted]].

  • King Conan

    King Conan of Vannetais is a [[Britain | British]] king who rules over southern [[Cornwall and Brittany | Brittany]], sharing Brittanical rule with [[King Idres]]. He is known for his fierce hatred of the king of France.

  • King Idres

    King Idres of Totnes rules over southern [[Cornwall and Brittany | Cornwall]] and northern Brittany, sharing his rule with [[Duke Gorlois]] and [[King Conan]] respectively. He is one of the kings who refuses to bow to [[King Uther]].

  • Duke Gorlois

    Duke Gorlois rules over the northern half of [[Cornwall and Brittany | Cornwall]], sharing his reign with [[King Idres]]. He is known for not submitting to [[King Uther]]. He is married to famed beauty [[Ygraine]].

  • Ygraine

    Ygraine is the wife of [[Duke Gorlois]], King of [[Cornwall and Brittany | Cornwall]]. She is considered the most beautiful woman in [[Britain]].

  • Duke of Lindsey

    Little is currently known of the Duke of Lindsey, except that [[King Uther]] does not trust him.

  • British Christianity

    British Christianity is one of the three religions on [[Britain]]. British Christianity is native to the island, established by immigrants four centuries ago. It has bishops and abbots, but no single figure rules over all of them. Their local kings or …

  • Paganism

    Paganism is one of three religions of [[Britain]]. Many farmers across [[Logres]] still make offerings to the field and weather gods, and many kingdoms outside of Logres even have kings and nobles who sacrifice to the old gods. The local kings are advised …

  • Merlin

    Merlin the Magician, also known as Merlin the Enchanter, is the Archdruid of [[Britain]]. h4. *Early life* Merlin was born in [[Cambria]]. He is reputedly the son of a nun and a daemon. He was baptized at birth, before the daemon could seize his …

  • Dubricus

    Archbishop Dubricus is the Archbishop of [[Britain]]. He oversees the religious affairs of the island from his holy see in Carlion, a Roman city in southern [[Cambria]]. He is a [[Roman Church | Roman Christian]] who uses his diplomatic skills to try to …

  • Ulfius

    Duke Ulfius of Silchester is a neighboring lord of [[Salisbury]] in [[Logres]]. He is a renowned warrior and a loyal follower of [[King Uther]]. He is one of the most influential lords in Logres.

  • King Uther Pendragon

    [[King Uther | Uther]] is the King of [[Logres]]. He is known to be ambitious and a great fighter and leader, stern in his judgments. He came to the throne when his brother, [[Aurelius Ambrosius]], died. He has no wife, but several paramours, and an …

  • Merlin

    The great magician and Archdruid of Britain, [[Merlin]] is reputedly the son of a nun and a daemon. He was baptized at birth, before the daemon could seize his soul, yet retained the supernatural powers he obtained from his father. He is the most skilled …

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