New Characters

New Character “READ ME”

This is the information the rulebook deems necessary for new players to know. Keep in mind that the chapter itself is 16 pages; if you don’t want to read this simple, condensed page, you can absolutely read the full chapter!

Character Backstory

This game doesn’t offer a lot of options for character types; if you want a thief or mage, I’m afraid a game set in the Arthurian legend is the wrong game for you. Your character is a newly christened British knight in 485 AD. Everything contained on this page is what would be considered common knowledge for a knight in 485 AD.

Recent History

It is 485 AD. Seventy years ago in 415 AD, the Supreme Collegium (or, “High Council of Britain”) chose a leader named Emperor Constantin to rule the land. He reigned well in difficult times, and was succeeded by his son Constans forty five years ago, in 440 AD. In just a few years, Constans was killed by his own knights, and his uncle Duke Vortigern exiled Constans’ heirs and assumed the throne.

Vortigern was a great warlord, but not well-loved. In order to defend against Pictish and Irish invasions, he became allies with the hated Saxons, and married the daughter of the Saxon king Hengest. He thwarted two mostly unsuccessful rebellions, before the Saxons finally turned on him, killing most of the British rulers and ruling over Vortigern himself.

Nineteen years ago, in 466 AD, Constantin’s second son Aurelius Ambrosius landed with an army from Brittany. The people of Britain immediately flocked to his banner, which depicted a red dragon, and Vortigern fled to northwest Cambria, where young child sage Merlin prophesied the fate of Britain. Aurelius eventually overcame the Saxons and his uncle Vortigern, was named the High King, and earned the name “Pendragon” for his dragon banner.

For years, Aurelius defended the lands against Saxons, until he was poisoned five years ago in 480 AD when marching against a combined army of Saxons and Irish. His brother Uther, the current king, led the army to victory and was named the new Pendragon. Uther has been a successful king so far, defeating Irish rebels and Saxon invaders alike.

People of Note


Almost done. Just brush up on your knowledge of Knighthood and Customs and Laws and you are ready to play.

New Characters

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