Code of Honor

The Code of Honor is the order knights abide by. It is among the customs and laws of Britain.

Dishonorable Acts

The following acts are listed in order of severity from least severe to most severe. All of the acts are considered dishonorable and result in penalty.

  • Attacking an unarmed knight
  • Cowardice
  • Desertion from battle or military service
  • Plundering a holy place of your own religion
  • Killing an unarmed holy person of your own religion
  • Killing, kidnapping or raping a noblewoman
  • Lending money at a profit
  • Performing physical labor
  • Breaking an oath
  • Flagrant or shameless cowardice
  • Treachery against a member of your family
  • Treason (against your lord)
  • Killing a kinsman or family member
  • Learning to cast magical spells

Code of Honor

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