King Uther

King Uther Pendragon is the current king of Logres, from 480 AD to present. He wishes to become the king of all Britain.


Uther was the second heir to the throne after his brothers Constans and Aurelius, before his uncle Vortigern exiled him to Brittany with his brother and usurped the throne. In 468, his brother Aurelius took back the throne, before being poisoned in 480 AD. Uther has had a strong reign fighting the Saxons so far. Hee has no heirs, but he has an illegitimate son, Madoc.


Uther’s father was Constantin, and his brothers were Constans and Aurelius. He also had an uncle Vortigern, an aunt Rowena, and a cousin Cerdic.

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King Uther

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