King Vortigern

King Vortigern was a King of Britain who ruled from 443 AD – 468 AD.


Duke Vortigern of Gewessi usurped the throne from his nephew King Constans in 443 AD after he exiled his nephews and heirs to the throne to Brittany. He was a hated tyrant, remembered for inviting Saxon invaders to Britain to defend against the Pictish and Irish invasions, and even marrying the Saxon King Hengest’s daughter, Rowena. After the Saxons turned on him, his exiled nephew Aurelius liberated Britain, defeated the fleeing Vortigern and became king in 468 AD.


Vortigern had a wife Rowena and a son Cerdic. He also had a brother Constantin, and three nephews: Constans, Aurelius and Uther. The Saxon king Hengest was his father-in-law, and Saxon kings Octa and Eossa were his brother-in-laws.

King Vortigern

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