The High Order of Knighthood is the order you belong to.

The Origins of Knighthood

“In the beginning, all men were equal in a perfect world of harmony and peace. But Adam and Eve condemned humanity to live in the world of trouble and death. Envy and covetousness came into being, and when men became violent, then might triumphed over right. Cruel people became leaders and forced themselves upon the weak and hapless.
At last, knighthood was instituted to restrain the unjust and to defend the weak. The most strong, courageous, and loyal man in every thousand was chosen to be a knight. He was given weapons, armor, a noble horse, and a squire to serve him. He was placed over the common people to protect them from tyranny and wild beasts. Commoners, in turn, were to till the earth and support the knight. Since virtue is inherited, it has been the duty of each knight to train his son to follow in his noble steps, and so the institution has continued.” – Greg Stafford

Becoming a Knight

Every aspirant to knighthood must start as a page, then work as a squire before finally becoming a knight. Most aspirants must wait until age 21 to be knighted, after serving six years as squires. Men knighted younger are exceptional, but not unknown. Sometimes a young heir must be hastily knighted and ennobled upon reaching his majority at age eighteen or, even rarer, at fifteen.

Ranks of Knighthood

The ranks of knighthood are presented here from lowest to highest.

  • Knight Mercenary – A knight sworn to no lord, generally seek soldier work for income
  • Knight Bachelor – A low knight who receives a small income from their lord
  • Knight Vassal – A knight who owns his own land
  • Knight Lord – A knight who has other knights sworn to him

Coat of Arms

Each knight has a unique coat of arms that can only be worn by the knight, his wife, and his herald. An eldest son may inherit his father’s coat of arms, but the two arms cannot be identical until the father has passed away and the son has fully inherited all rights.


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